PTN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Nizam

Mujhay fikr yeh nahi kay yeh mulk kaisay chalega.

Mujhe fikr yeh hai kay kaheen aisay hee na chalta rahay

                                                    Shehzad Roy's song “Laga Rey"

                                                                is the essence of this Reforms Movement...




           A Persistent Peaceful Revolution could Get Demands Met

Unless Pakistani Political Government Structure is changed to what we are proposing no one person who is sincere and capable, will be able to attain a position where he can do any good for the country.

Sincere people would need to join with electables (even if they are proven corrupt) to come to power because of the political government structure in place. Thus the status quo will not change.

Just changing faces is not the solution to the problems our country is facing. Concrete change must be made!


Enough is Enough!   !ﺑﮭﺖ ﮬﻮ ﮔﻴﺎ

We cannot continue to see our poor brothers and sisters suffer and our beloved country go down like this...

While rich leaders of our poor country live a lavish life style on the expense of poor masses...


                                                                               Let us take our country back...

Democracy has lost its purpose in our country. It has become game of cat and mouse.

Instead of concentrating on the issues of poor masses our leaders are focusing on forming and saving their governments. They are enriching themselves through corruption so that they can be more powerful.

We cannot afford to wait any longer, we need to bring the revolution our country needs so badly!

Come join this Revolution Why?